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About Tessa  Renée :)

My name is Tessa Renée! Wow, writing about myself is much harder than expected!

Let me start at the beginning. I started dancing at the age of 3. I have 4 brothers so once my mom got a girl she simply wanted to see me in a tutu. I ended up loving dance and trained 6-9 hours every day from age 9-15. I was extremely blessed to do many performances, TV Shows (Dance Moms, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition), commercials, etc. At the age of 16, I graduated high school. My plan up until that point was to pursue a dance career, however, after a summer intensive at Juilliard, I realized that wasn't my true calling. Yes, Juilliard was incredible but it didn’t feel like me. I went from a packed schedule to all of a sudden in this floating space of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t regret my decision regarding dance; I just didn’t know what I wanted to do next. That was when things went sour.

I made the mistake of not committing to a new goal resulting in falling into a bad depression. I lost my identity, excitement, and drive. I knew that I needed to take control of my life and become the happy person I wanted to be. I decided to start with my health. I had stopped exercising, and wasn’t eating healthy; overall, I was treating my body in a way that only furthered my depression. I started researching, training and testing what worked best for my body. During this journey of exploration, I learned that health isn’t just physical; it is MENTAL and PHYSICAL. That is when I discovered my new passion; helping as many girls as possible learn a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel best.

I specialize in helping women ditch the diet and workout confusion to get lean and toned for life. In this process, I help them feel the absolute best they ever have!

I'm always here to chat with you! Feel free to message me over Instagram!

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